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Nangrong Dinner Eating Places, Nangrong Local Food, Night Bazaar Market, Nangrong Walking Street near Nangrong Hotel.near Nangrong Hotel in Nangrong District, Buriram.

Nangrong Hotel, Budget and Boutique Hotel Buriram is located in the center of Nangrong Town, convenient to travel, clean room and safety, easy to find dinner and breakfast, various kinds to choose in the cheap price at Night Bazaar Market ( daily open ). You can choose anything you want, just walk only 50 steps, near 7-11 convenient store next to Nangrong Night Market only 80 steps and do not miss out of Hilight to Nangrong Town, Thommued Thommore Walking Street. There are OTOP ,Nangrong local products and delicious local foodstuffs. You can walk to look around and choose whatever you want, just walk only 90 steps on the road back of Nangrong Hotel.