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Wat Khao Angkhan in Charoen Suk Sub-district, Chaloem Phra Kiat District, Buriram Province.

extinct Vocalno with slab marker stone ( boundary stone) in Dvaravati Period

It is a temple, which has the beautifully religious objects of the Buddhist temple,established in the powerful Khmer period with the mixture of Buddhist art and Khmer art similar as Phanomrung Historical Park.The temple features buildings in various architectural styles. Most structures currently standing were built and beyond. There are many ordination halls that are beautifully decorated with exotic architecture. It is magnificent temple in Buriram. There are ordination halls, pavilions and various buildings are at the top of Khao Angkhan. It is high 320 meters above sea level.it is far 3 kilometers from Charoensook Village in Charoen Suk. Chaloem Phra Kiat District Buriram province.The construction of the temple expected could be similar to Phanomrung Historical Park or the powerful Khmer Period. It is one of the large beautiful temple of Buriram with the interesting things such as the three crests ordination hall with the wall murals inside and stories of Buddhism in English, 1000-year-slab marker stone ( boundary stone ), a single ivory ganesha ( Lord of Success ), 109 Buddha statues the sacred buildings, Khmer governor cult image, etc.
Khao Angkhan is the extinct volcano, located on the crater, Assumed that is the location of archaeological site in Dvaravati Period because many Dvaravati ‘s sandstone temple boundary markers have also been discovered here.A view from a very high place which appeared like a Garuda’ in a prone position with its wingspread out and its head pointing south.The left side of mountain area extended to the east which is Charoen Suk Village. Its tail pointing north which is Sawaisor Village, Nangrong District, Buriram Province. With a total area of approximately 90 square kilometers.
The Origin of Phra Angkhan Mountain (Wat Khao Angkarn)
Phra Angkhan Mountain, formerly known as Khao Loy , according to Wat Phra That Phanom legend, in B.E.8 There were 5 lords contained the Buddha’s breast bone at Wat Phra That Phanom, Nakhonpranom Province. Mahakasyapa( the principal disciples of Gautama Buddha and 500 Arhats presided the ceremony, and other rests containted the Buddha’s ash at the Khao Loy
According to the history, the Buddha’s entry into Parinirvana at Kusinara. After Buddha cremation, the Sacred Budha Relics were divided by Brahmin Professor Dona amongst the 8 claimants. After that the representatives of towncame to ask for the Buddha Relics which donated all already, so Brahmin Professor Dona used the gold vessel scooped the Buddha ash for them. When they got the Buddha Ash, they traveled to the south of Northeastern then reached the mountain called “ Khao loy” which appeared like a Garuda’ in a prone position with its wingspread out. They thought that they should contain the Buddha Ash here. Everybody agreed then established the place at the area as the left side of Garuda and renamed to “Phra Angkhan Mountain” up to now.

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