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Rong Manthet Temple, Ancient Temple in Nangrong Buriram

Sacred Principle Buddha unique to Nangrong Town.

The Nangrong Ancient Temple in Nangrong Sub-district, Nangrong District, Buriram Province (close to Nangrong Fresh Market). Turn back to the history in B.E.1895. Khun Luang Pha Ngua who accessed to the throne as the third King of Ayutthaya Kingdom under the name King Borommarachathirat 1. He conquered Khmer rebellion which was rebel and expanded Thai territory, evicted Khmer out of the south in Northeast, established Nangrong Town where is in the boundary of Thailand up to now, and also built Aramsamakkee Temple, is highly respectable and unique to Nangrong Town.
Aramsamakkee was renamed to ” Rong Manthet Temple “, but the construction did not finished at that time because there was Mon Enemy came close to the Town in Northern , so the King Borommarachathirat 1 had to return Ayutthaya. However Nangrong People continued constructing andmaintainingit. Even though, the temple sometimes was ceased constructing because of the political problem. Finally, it succeeded completely. At the present, this temple is full of the religious places and is the center of Buddhist who lived around there. People were proud of Khun Luang Pha Ngua. To commemorate the Royal Grace of Khun Luang Pha Ngua, His legacy will always be in our heart forever.