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Phanomrung, Phanomrung Historical Park , Phanomrung Temple, Phanomrung Ruin in Buriram, Thailand.

Pink sandstone religious mountain, the most beautiful Sanctuary in Buriram, northeastern of Thailand

Phanomrung Historical Park or Prasathin Phanomrung, the religious mountain that is the most beautifulin Buriram, northeastern of Thailand.Once in a lifetime, Have you ever visited the beauty of Phanomrung Historical Park?
Phanom Rung Sanctuary or Prasat Phanom Rung is a spectacular Khmer ancient sanctuary situated on Phanom Rung Massif. It is also one of the most significant archeological sites in Thailand due to its location, landscape, and phenomenon of sunsets and sunrises through 15 porches which occurs four times annually. The sanctuary pagodas are on the top of Phanom Rung Massif (an extinct volcano) in Ta Pek Sub-District, Chalerm Prakiat District, Buriram. It was constructed as a religious site in Shiva Hinduism, so Phanom Rung Mountain could be compared as Mount Kailas the heavenly dwelling of God Shiva in this regard. The first thing visitors see when they arrive at the site is the grand stairway from the foot of the hill up to the top. Most of the buildings of the sanctuary were made of laterite and sandstone, all with elaborate designs. The buildings are lined all the way to the main pagoda which faces the east.
Phanom Rung Sanctuary was constructed of pink sandstone in the rectangular layout. In the front is the mondop or antechamber connected to the principle pagoda by Antrala or the annex. Double porches lead out in all directions to the main tower. The middle inner sanctum is called “Kanpakaruha Chamber” where “linga”, the divine symbol of Shiva, is believed to be enshrined. Currently, only the “somasutra” remains which was used to drain water during religious rites.
There are carvings depicting about Hinduism at the gables and lintels of the principal pagoda such as the dancing Shiva, Vishnu Anantasayin, the reincarnation of Vishnu as Rama in Ramayana or Krishna, ceremonies, hermit or yogi life, etc.
The statue of Lord Narayan Somsin at Phanomrung Historical Park Vishnu is located at the lintel of the Mondop on the east side of the castle. A picture of Narayana. By Vishnu, lying on the right side of the royal palace of the Ananda Royal, as well as Laksa, the goddess of beauty, and the wife of Vim Mim, to climb the Vishnu to sleep comfortably. And Brahma, another god of religion, will be the cretor of the world and rebuild it, and start counting again. Keep it to yourself perish and lintel has been stolen to the Chicago Museum in the United States. Nowadays, we bring back the stone castle at Phanom Rung is completed.
Schedule of Sunrise and Sunset through the 15 gates at Phanomrung Historical Park every year
First Time – Sunset on March 4th- 6th at 17.58 o’clock
Second Time – Sunrise on April 1st – 5th at 5.56 o’clock
Third Time – Sunrise on September 8th- 10th at 5.58 o’clock
Fourth Time – Sunset on March 4th- 6th at 17.58 o’clock
Note : The phenomenon at Phanomrung Historical park is the natural phenomenon, so the date and time may change and depend on the season.

The Annual Festival of Phanomrung Historical Park
The Phanomrung Festival in Buriram. It will be held every year during the first Saturday in April. It takes place at Phanomrung Historical Park Chaloem Prakiat District Buriram Province. The event will feature prominent events such as
Watching the sun go through 15 gates of Phanomrung Castle.( the sun rises on the first Saturday in April at 6 a.m.)
Sacred ceremony on Phanomrung Castle where is a religious place built for Shiva, the highest god of Hinduism.
Watching the royal procession of Phra Phupathinttorn laksami Devi and Miss Jariya, offering sacrificial consists of 10 vehicles of servants, soldiers, slaves, walk pass the pole with lanterns and the ornament flags.
– Light and sound show in” Rommayakhiri, the night of Wanamrung”
– There is also a traditional Northeastern Thailand or Isan-style dinner, cultural presentations and traditional cultural performances
– An Ancient Fair Market and Products from the local communities of Buriram Province
– A lot of Activities throughout the Festival or take short time to watch this clip vdo. You will see the beauty of Phanaomrung Historical park

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