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Muangtam, Muangtam Castle, Muangtam Sanctuary, Muangtan Ruins in Buriram Province

Sanctuary (Ruins) in Ancient Khmer Civilization Route (Ratchamankha Routh)

Muangtam, Muangtam Castle, or Muangtam Sanctuary or Muangtan Ruins is located in Jorakae Mak Sub-District, Prakhonchai District, Buriram Province. It is far from the one of beautiful and famous castle, Phanom Rung Historical Park, only 8 kilometers. Muang Tam Sanctuary is the religious place in Hinduism presumably built for worshipping Shiva. The Characteristic is a community religious site. From archaeological excavations, we found that there are the settlements of the ancient communities in this area, a lot of large communities had been established, for instance, Khok Muang Community. Muangtam Sanctuary is significantly situated on the Khmer civilization route that runs from Mueang Phra Nakhon in the ancient Khmer Kingdom (Siem Reap), to the north passing Phanom Dong Rak Mountain Ranges, Prasat Ta Muean in Surin, Prasat Mueang Tam to Prasat Phanom Rung and Prasat Phimai in Nakhon Ratchasima. It is assumed that the ancient community at Mueang Tam Sanctuary had a vital relationship with other communities on Khmer Civilization Route from Mueang Phra Nakhon to the northeast of Thailand.
Muang Tam Sanctuary is constructed in rectangular shape with brick, sandstone and laterite, facing the east, consisting of various architectural buildings in the following :
The boundary wall is made of laterite bordered the sanctuary in the rectangular shape. The edge of the wall was decorated by Baralee, row of spires, and in the middle is a huge sandstone porch called Gopura.
Muang Tam Sanctuary Square and ponds are in between the corridor and the boundary. At each of the four corners of the gallery is a large L-shaped pond with the laterite steps to the bottom of the pond. On top of the corner is sandstone craved Naga along the edge (Ba Phuon Art).
Rabiang Khot and porches. Rabiang Khot is the narrow continuous corridor surrounding the brick towers and halls. The windows of beside rooms were decorated with balustrades.
The brick towers are the mist significant buildings in the center of sanctuary. Hindu icons are enshrined and the worship ceremony is held. There is a cluster of 5 brick towers standing on the same laterite base which can be divided into two rows with three in the front row and two in the rear row. It symbolically represents Sumeru Mountain, the center of the universe.The principle tower enshrines a large Shiva Linga.
Barai ( Mueng Tam Sea ) located to the north of Muang Tam Sanctuary, is a big water reserve called “Mueng Tam Sea” by local people. It is in rectangular shape in North and South rows with laterite edge. Barai religiously symbolizes the ocean of the universe surrounding Sumeru Mountain and also ran the ancient community as the main water resource.

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