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Khao Kradong Forest Park is the extinctVolcano in Buriram near I-mobile Stadium

Khao Kradong Forest Park ( Khao Kradong ) is locatd in Buriram Province, is the extinct volcano, was previously known as Khmer Phanom Kradong, meaning turtles shell. The surrounding forest is home to small wild animals, especially various bird species and indigenous plants and trees. Khao Kradong is the Tourist Attraction, Relaxation Spot, and learning about Astronomy because the location of volcano appeared to be the mouth of the volcano. Moreover, there are an ancient Prang Ku, duplicate Buddha footprint and also home to a large Buddha Image, Phra Suphattharabophit, considered to be the symbol of Buriram.Visitors can either drive up the massif or walk up the 297 Naga raj steps.
Don’t Miss out! The interesting Things in Khao Kradong forest Park

Phra Suphattharabophit
It is considered to be the symbol of Buriram, contains the Buddha Relics at the Buddha Head Image, located on the top of Khao Kradong. A large Buddha Image which made of brick and cement. Lap size 12 meters wide, Basement size 14 meters long. The face turns to north,it was participated to build at the top of Khao Kradong in B.E. 2512 to be worship of Buddhism. The top offersscenic views of the surrounding countryside.

Khao Kradong Crater
Khao Kradong Crater (extinct)located 265 meters above the sea level, it ages around three hundred thousand to nine hundred thousand years and its shape looks like the half-moon. The south massif is called Khao Yai ( Big mountain ) while the north one is called Khao noi ( Small mountain) or Khao Kradong. The massif in the eruption area or the valley area is currently a pool and there is stone walking path and suspension bridge to view from a very high viewpoint clearly. This remain is the best and youngest extinct volcano in Thailand.

Faith Proved Bridge for Righteous People (Naga Bridge)
It was built in B.E. 2512 providing an easy access of 297 steps to the massif of Khao Kradong where people can worship to Phra Suphattharabophit on the top of Khao Kradong .Khao Kradong Festival is held on the full moon night of the fifth lunar month and the festival of Devorohana is held annually on the day of Buddhist Lent ending and the day before

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